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Large HVLS fans in SMALL places

When it comes to high volume low speed (HVLS) fans, most people think of them being used in large commercial, industrial or warehouse spaces. However, MacroAir HVLS fans are equally adaptable to smaller spaces such as outdoor shopping centers, small office spaces, restaurants, outdoor patios, and homes. These fans are not only highly functional but also customizable to match any décor, making them a perfect fit for various settings. In this blog article, we will explore why MacroAir fans are ideal for your home and provide four useful tips to help you select the right fan for your small space.

What Makes MacroAir Fans Great for Your Home? HVLS fans offer distinct advantages over traditional residential ceiling fans. These large fans circulate a gentle yet powerful airflow throughout the space, providing effective cooling. The key lies in their low-speed air movement, which creates a natural breeze rather than a high-velocity gust. Additionally, HVLS fans can work in conjunction with air conditioning units, helping to lower energy bills. In some cases, they can even replace the need for air conditioning altogether. Furthermore, during the winter months, HVLS fans can be operated in reverse to mix the warm air near the ceiling with the rest of the room, resulting in reduced heating costs. Here are some benefits of using MacroAir HVLS fans for your heating and cooling needs:

  1. Energy savings: HVLS fans can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs, easily offsetting the installation expenses.

  2. Green design: Installing an HVLS fan can earn credits toward LEED certification, promoting environmentally friendly practices.

  3. Environmental controls: HVLS fans help reduce humidity, moisture, and bacteria, creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

  4. Comfort: The air movement generated by HVLS fans is gentle and natural, providing a pleasant breeze without disruption.

  5. Speed controls: Variable speed controls allow you to adjust the airflow within your space. HVLS fans also produce less dust and dander compared to regular ceiling fans.

  6. Color range: MacroAir fans are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to select one that matches and enhances your existing decor.

  7. Noise reduction: MacroAir fans operate quietly, making them suitable for areas where noise is a concern. You'll hardly notice they are there.

HVLS fans offer versatile solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Now, let's delve into the specifics of choosing the right fan for your home or small space. Four Tips for Selecting the Right Fan for Your Home:

Plan with a Purpose:

When it comes to home improvement, planning is crucial. The same applies to selecting a ceiling fan. Here are some considerations:

  • Don't judge a fan by its size: Unlike traditional ceiling fans that have limited coverage, large HVLS fans can create a cooling breeze that reaches up to 22,000 square feet and reduces the effective temperature by up to 8ºF.

  • Plan for a great look: HVLS fans offer various custom options, including lighting kits and color choices, allowing you to find a fan that perfectly complements your home's aesthetic. MacroAir fans, in particular, boast sleek and contemporary designs that fit any decor style.

  • Make it sustainable: Modern homes prioritize sustainability, and HVLS fans contribute to energy efficiency. By moving large volumes of air, MacroAir fans enable you to increase the thermostat setpoint, providing comfort while reducing electricity bills.

Location, Location, Location:

It's essential to choose a ceiling fan that is specifically rated for its intended location. Consider the following guidelines:

  • UL Dry-Rated Ceiling Fans: These fans are designed for dry, indoor locations without exposure to humidity, moisture, or water. They are typically used in bedrooms and living rooms.

  • UL Damp-Rated Ceiling Fans: Fans with a UL Damp rating can withstand humidity and moisture but not direct contact with water. They are suitable for indoor use and covered outdoor locations like porches.

  • UL Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans: These fans are designed to endure various weather conditions, including rain, ocean spray, snow, and water. They feature moisture-resistant motor housing and all-weather blades, making them suitable for exposed decks and patios.

The Perfect Fit:

Large HVLS fans offer airflow benefits and energy efficiency that make them popular choices for residential homes. MacroAir fans, in particular, move high volumes of air at a low speed. Here's why they are a perfect fit for your home:

  • Energy efficiency: MacroAir HVLS fans can significantly reduce energy consumption when used in conjunction with air conditioning units. By supplementing the AC, they contribute to lower energy usage in your home.

Big vs. Small - Which is right for your house?

MacroAir's large ceiling fans possess distinct advantages over multiple small fans. With their large circumference, specially designed fan blades, and wide blade span, a single MacroAir fan can create balanced and comfortable airflow in your home. This saves you the hassle and expense of installing multiple smaller fans. MacroAir's customer care representatives can guide you in selecting the right HVLS fan for your small space, ensuring improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency without exceeding your budget.

Your home reflects your personal style, and MacroAir fans are here to complement that style while providing exceptional cooling and energy-saving benefits. With their customizable features and gentle airflow, these fans offer an ideal solution for small spaces. By carefully planning, considering the location, and selecting the appropriate fan size, you can enjoy the comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal that MacroAir HVLS fans bring to your home. Stay cool, save money, and embrace the versatility of HVLS fans in any setting, big or small.

JSO'Will is an Authorized HVLS Dealer serving the greater Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Spokane and Portland area. Visit us at for your commercial industrial warehouse ceiling fan needs.

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