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Before we perfected the HVLS fan,
we invented it.

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Emerald City Gymnastics

Bellevue, WA.

"We love that the fan is silent, we love that the fan is energy efficient, but more than anything, we love the fact that we can provide a more comfortable atmosphere for our athletes! The fan was installed with ease and the difference it is making in our facility is amazing!"

-Sandy Flores, Owner

Vital Climbing Gym

Bellingham, WA.

“The problem is that it’s so musty and hot and you have climbers feet smelling up the place, so if
you don’t have mobile air, it’s a problem. So if you are sweating all the time and you have stinky feet, it’s just not a good experience.”

-Chris Charles, GM

Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from parents. Last summer it was a bear in here with the heat. The kids would leave here just drenched in sweat, and sometimes parents aren’t very happy about that. It’s made a huge difference. Thank you so much for this awesome fan.”


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Energy Savings

Capable of working independently or in conjunction with existing HVAC systems; HVLS fans typically return an estimated 30% reduction in energy costs in both winters and summers. 


Maintenance Free

Unlike other competitors, MacroAir employs a gearless drive train. Operating with a high-torque direct drive motor; it requires no regular maintenance. A 10-year test has confirmed long-term reliability.


Silent Efficiency

HVLS Fans are much quieter than small fans and HVAC systems. As HVLS fans do not require high RPM or complicated mechanical parts as HVAC, MacroAir can operate efficiently in complete silence.



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Dramatically lowers climate control energy costs working independently, or in conjunction with existing HVAC.

Frequent air changes also removes odors and airborne particulates.

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Increases production, reduces energy costs, and improves air quality for people and animals alike.

In low ventilation areas, MacroAir on average exceeds mandatory air change minimums by over ×20,000.



Improves employee and customer comfort in complete silence. 

Manages fumes and minimizes the discomfort from large windows and bay doors.

Industrial_Manufacturing_US Farathane_Texas_MacroAir_AVD_550_2.jpg


Improves employee comfort and productivity unobtrusively.


Reports show that temperatures above 85°F reduces output by 18% and increases errors by 40%.

Education_School_MacroAir_AVD 370.jpg

Community & Education

Operating in complete silence, MacroAir improves the comfort of all evenly and without turbulence.

Independently tested to meet several safety ratings and certifications.



Improves atmosphere in a "cool" &

stylish way.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces use MacroAir in the summer and winter months to control temperatures and deter pesky insects

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For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 360-226-3637 or fill out the following form.  JSO'Will Macroair is an authorized dealer for Macroair.

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